May 22, 2011

Laura's Lovely Look Of The Day ~ Wild Orchid!

 What I wore:
Talbots origami linen blouse
Talbots straight leg jeans rolled up
Clarks wedge sandals
JCrew lavender beaded bracelet
sterling silver filigree heart earrings from TJMaxx

What I like about this look:
I have to admit that this look took a little getting used to. It was extremely casual feeling. I am all for casual, but I felt like the top was too big for me and not that flattering. However, I LOVE the color of the linen top and I adore the ruffles. I tried tucking the top in, but the jeans I wore were just a little too low on the waist to keep the top tucked in. I think I will try wearing this top again but instead of wearing it with jeans and making it super casual, I will wear it with a black high waisted pencil skirt tucked in with a pair of super cool heels . I also may consider bringing it to my seamstress and have her take it in a little bit to make it more fitted. 
What do you think of this super casual look?

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