May 8, 2011

Laura's Style Lovely Look Of The Day ~ Soda Pop

What I wore:
Talbots brown ballet neck silk shell
Talbots jacket in "soda pop"
Talbots cargo pants
Talbots brown weave pumps
Talbots watercolor plaid scarf
Silpada earrings, bracelet, belt, and ring
What I like about this look:
I love the color of this Talbots jacket. It is a peachy pinky color called "soda pop" which is why I named this look Soda Pop! I also like the neutral color of the cargo pants with the bright jacket. The watercolor plaid scarf adds an unexpected pop of color and really pulls the all of the colors together. I also think it is cool to put something really casual like cargo pants with something completely opposite like this jacket that most ladies would consider wearing only when they dress up. The dark brown wooden earrings help with making the overall look less cutesy and a little more modern yet retro at the same time. Pulling my hair back in a low chignon gives it a bit of a Parisian look. 

What do you think of this look?


Isabelle said...

I think it's a very pulled together look. I like the idea of the tailored jacket with the more casual pants. I also think the previous commenter is very cranky today and should be ignored!

Cindy said...

I say ditto to the last post. Polished cool as usual!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing how you pulled together the outfit. I have the same jacket, but have been struggling with what to wear it with. You have definitely given me some ideas.