May 1, 2011

The Makings Of A Look Book

{Here I am sorting out the many looks that I photographed for my client. Making an album can be fun, but it takes many hours of organizing and frequent trips to the Target Photo center. I try my best to organize the album so that it is easy for my client to refer to. I want to show her the many different ways that she can wear a certain blazer, blouse, scarf, etc. so that she can get the most mileage out of her wardrobe that she can possibly get.}

One of my specialties as a wardrobe stylist is to make fresh and current looks out of what you already have in your wardrobe. Sometimes a wardrobe can be overwhelming, and you may need a different set of eyes to envision looks that YOU may not have ever thought of in your wildest dreams. That's why I am here! What can I say? Some of us have the gift of putting together fabulous looks! Others have the gift of being able to preform successful brain surgery. Thank goodness for the many different people in this world!
{Lots of cutting is involved in the makings of a look book. I love cutting up the photos and displaying them on a page in a way that helps my client see how it all coordinates. It's kind of like making my own fashion magazine.}

{There is also a lot of gluing involved.}

This is the finished product. Hopefully it will help my client when she is in a hurry and just doesn't know what to wear! She can just flip open the book and immediately find a great look that suits her style personality. Scroll down a bit to get a peak at a few pages of her Spring/Summer 2011 Look Book.

 What do you think? Would your own custom Look Book be something that you feel could be beneficial to you? If so, e mail me at and set up your own Look Book style session. Click here to see other looks I have created. Click here for a summary and a price list of my many services.

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