May 14, 2011

Should You Match Your Mani To Your Pedi??

Summer is here!! Well, I call it summer anyway. In my mind summer starts when the temp reaches 60 degrees and ends when the temp reaches 40 degrees in September or October. You have probably stopped reaching for the Uggs and have begun wearing open toe shoes, or at least I hope you have;)  Have you scheduled your pedi yet? I have been known to do my own pedis and manis, but once in a while you just have to treat yourself. It is especially nice to give yourself this treat at the beginning of sandal season.

{Gwyneth Paltro looking stunning as usual. She opted for a matching and very natural color for her manicure and pedicure. I love this!}
I don't know about you, but when I go to the salon I can never make a decision on what color I should have my manicurist apply! I always arrive 10 minutes early because I know it will take me at least that long to decide. The other question in mind is, should I match? Or should I choose two different colors but of the same color tone? Or is it okay to just not match at all? Well, of course you can do whatever you want. There is no such thing as the nail police. But I am here to tell you what looks chic ;)
I thought that these two photos said it all about what is chic! If you are doing a color, on your nails like Heidi Klum on the left, then you will want to do the same color on your toes. This will make you look pulled together. Don't worry about it being to matchy matchy. I know that I am not usually a fan of the matchy look, but with nails and toes, that rule goes out the window! Matching your polish makes you look bold, cool and like you know what you are doing. Now, if you are doing a color on your toes, but want to be a little more subtle and less bold, then do a very light blush, white, or the palest pinkie tone you can find on your fingernail like Jennifer Lopez in the photo on the right. An American manicure or clear polish always looks nice too when doing a bold color on your toes.
An American manicure is created using a creamier color on the tip vs a stark white like the French manicure.
And if you are going to get a French manicure, it is best to also get the French pedicure :)

Here are some of my most favorite colors of the moment from the Lippmann Collection, which is my FAVORITE polish in the whole world!
From left to right: Yellow Brick Road, Lara's Theme (which was created by one of my favorite models Lara Stone), Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I Know What Boys Like.
And, what am I wearing right now you ask? I am wearing Lippmann Collection's "How Far Is Heaven" on my fingernails which is an iridescent pearly white and OPI's "Do You Think I'm Tex-y" on my toes which is a creamy purplish pink ;)
Happy painting and HAPPY SUMMER! 

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