June 18, 2011

Learning to Walk In Heels

Walking effortlessly in heels is an art form and it doesn't come naturally. Yes, some of us are born with more grace than others which does help when strutting your stuff, but it also takes a great deal of strength. You might be able to put on a pair of heels and walk just fine, but do you look good in motion, or do you look like you are struggling to be womanly??? Think about this before you start walking in heels, and then practice and strengthen yourself by doing some relevé and plié exercises as well as some inner core exercises. In fact taking ballet classes can do wonders for your strength and poise. I took ballet classes growing up and I swear that is why I can actually run better in heels than I can in my Reeboks. 
Can you say OUCH?! In order to prevent this from happening you need to practice.

 You will want to practice this procedure that I tell you without heels at first. Stand up nice and tall and look at yourself standing side to in the mirror. Imagine that you are a puppet and the puppet master has pulled you up by an imaginary string coming from your head. Keep your chest high but don't stick it out. (that's hard to explain) Don't stick your neck out. Keep everything nice and straight. Then look in the mirror at your butt side to. It is probably sticking out, so you will want to tuck it under, suck in your tummy and at the same time keep your imaginary string taut and stand up as straight as possible. When you walk in heels keep in mind you MUST and I repeat MUST have great posture. Otherwise you will risk looking goofy. Remember we want to look effortlessly graceful. Like we were born that way :) I know, you are probably saying that this is waaaay too much work, which is why I highly recommend ballet classes. If you take ballet, then this perfect posture eventually will become natural. You will be strong and sexy in those heels before you know it!
Occasionally you will have an accident in your heels. If you strengthen yourself then at least you won't hurt yourself when it happens. And you will fall gracefully if you are strong like this model in the photo above.

 I think you will find the video below very helpful. Like she says in the video, there are three common mistakes when wearing heels: wobbly ankles, stiff knees, and gripping of the thighs. 

If you still feel that you need more practice before actually wearing those heels out of the house then please, don't wear those heels out of the house!!! Trust me. Wearing a pair of really cute ballet flats is waaaaayy sexier than wearing a pair of heels that you can't walk in.
Aren't these GORGEOUS?!!!!!!

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