June 3, 2011

Wear A Scarf In Your Hair For A Chic Summer Look!

Ever since I saw Water For Elephants at the theater you might say that I have been obsessed with wearing scarves in my hair. Below is my interpretation of Reese's look as her character Marlena.

 What I wore:
"angel wing" tee: Gap
cropped skinny jeans: Talbots
scarf: Talbots
wedges: Clarks

 Here is another way I wore a scarf in my hair. My husband thought it looked great. "Kind of like a gypsy look," he said. I know he was trying to be all fashion-y when he said that, but I was really going for more of a
chic French lady/Bridget Bardot kind of look.
 MEN. They just don't get it. But at least he was trying.......;) 
I just swept my hair into a low side ponytail and tied the scarf around my head and then went around the ponytail a couple of times and then tied the ends underneath and let it hang down over my shoulder.


Vanessa said...

Pretty! I love the length of the scarf you chose to use. I usually double mine twice around my head, but that leaves such a short little tassle knot at the end. I think I'll tie it like you did, instead!
Ps. thanks for the feedback on blog posting frequency! I really appreciate it! (And I agree, blogging is first and formost something I do for me and I definitely don't want to burn out!)

Unknown said...

Pretty and such a grand idea. Will need to drum up the courage to try it when summer next makes it way down south.