July 23, 2011

Fashion and Interior Design Go Hand In Hand. Wouldn't you agree?

I finally had the to chance to visit The Cherished Home in beautiful Belfast, Maine yesterday! (Which also happened to be the HOTTEST day of the year for us Mainers! About 100 degrees if you can believe it!) Well, The Cherished Home had air conditioning thank goodness. It was not only was cool and refreshing when I first walked in, but it also smelled great! If I had my own boutique, I would make it have it's own unique smell too. I think that is one thing that some boutique owners over look. Trust me, when you shop it is all about the feeling you get while you are doing it. If the temperature is comfortable and it smells great you are going to stay longer and shop more! I also believe the kind of music you play sets the tone as well. Music can totally take you to another place which is what you want your shop to do to your customer! 
At The Cherished Home you will find rugs, linens and window treatments as well as tableware, accessories for the home, and some wearable accessories and jewelry. It is a fabulous place to find a unique gift for a friend, family member or a special treat for yourself.
Well known actress Genie Francis is the owner of The Cherished Home in Belfast, Maine. You may recognize her as her character Laura on General Hospital or her current character as Genevieve on The Young And The Restless. I heard that she was just in Maine this past week! Too bad I missed her at The Cherished Home :(

I have always been interested in fashion styling and designing as well as interior design and architecture. I truly believe that they all go hand in hand together. Wouldn't you agree? Below you will find some interior decorating photos that may inspire you. 

The best tip I can give you when designing a room is to create a home for your clutter. Conceal it, or be creative with it. Also, you must create an eye pleasing balance. This sometimes calls for a more professional eye. If all of that seems too overwhelming, then just consider painting. It is amazing what a fresh new color can do for a room! I think Genie Francis would agree ;)

I took the photos below of my dining/living area last Christmas. I thought they were a good example of what a paint job can do. These walls were wood colored paneling before I panted them. We re-wallpapered one of the walls with a  yellow damask print. The new vintage style chandelier also really changed the look of the room. We also ripped up the linoleum in the dining room and the rug in the living room and put down wood look Pergo floors. I wish I had the before photos!! 

The ceiling fan in the living room is also a new addition. It was a plain ceiling light before.

Someday soon I plan on painting this chair to give it a distressed look.

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