July 18, 2011

Late Bloomers

 HOT TREND ALERT: Pretty Floral Blouses 

Flowers are BLOOMING everywhere including in the fashion world! I adore this trend! What girl doesn't love flowers? They lift our spirits even when we are in the worst of moods. You can't help but feel happy when wearing flowers. And you never know. You may lift the spirit of someone else too! I LOVE the way floral blouses look with denim. Especial a denim style with a high waist. Think today's version of Charlie's Angels. See photo below:
This girl looks so cute!

{Scarlett Johansson wearing Dolce and Gabbana}
Floral blouses can also look very professional when worn with a pencil skirt. This is a great look for the office! Notice how her skirt is the perfect length for work? Just ever so slightly above the knee. 

This is me wearing my floral Juicy Couture blouse. Yes, I have blond hair! This was taken  last year. I am a chameleon! I still own and wear this blouse. In fact I will probably wear it tomorrow!

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