July 27, 2011

My Birthday Suit (Don't worry. It's not what you think!)

 When I came home the other day with this beautiful poppy red jumpsuit by Angie that I found at Marshalls, my husband didn't quite know what to think. He associates this look with something that Charlie's Angels wore, which in my eyes is a good thing. I think it is a good thing to him too, but he said that he had not seen anyone wearing anything like this recently. (remember, we live in central Maine, which is not the most fashionable area in the world.) He thought it was one of my vintage GoodWill finds. I just told him to just wait until he saw it on me. I tried it on with a pair of heels and he said "Ummmm yeah.......it looks good!" To me he still sounded unsure. But he said if YOU like it YOU should wear it! I know he is right, but I kind of wanted him to like it on me. For all you ladies in a relationship, you know what I mean.....;) I like to say that I don't let my man tell me what to do, but when you love someone you always consider their feelings. It just comes naturally! Fortunately for me he always wants me to do what makes me happy, but unfortunately sometimes (not often) it's tough for me to make a decision!

 When I first tried on the jumpsuit in the dressing room at Marshalls I pictured me wearing it with my Stewart Weitzman ankle tie espadrilles on the left. I rarely get a chance to wear them! But somehow, when I got all dressed, they seemed to be a little much. The jumpsuit is such a fun piece, the espadrilles just seemed to take the look a little over the top. I am all about wearing an unexpected piece, but toning it down a touch to make it look more elegant. So, the nude patent platform pumps by Sofft on the right were the ones!
I ended up choosing the earrings on the top right that I got a few years ago at American Eagle believe it or not! The two other styles from Silpada would have been fine, but the chandelier style seemed to create a more alluring look.

What I wore on my birthday:
jumpsuit by Angie
earrings by American Eagle
ring by Silpada
shoes by Sofft
satin snakeskin handbag by Liz Claiborne

This article in my August edition of Glamour was my inspiration for the hairstyle I chose. At first I was thinking pony tail, but I had been wearing my hair in a pony all week since I was on vacation. So I opted for the one-shoulder wave......since my hair is finally long enough to do this!!
I just used a medium barrel curling iron to create this look and just a little hairspray to smooth things down a bit. I hate those little fly-aways!


This is my fashionable son, Devin. He has recently become very stylish. I think he has such a great look going on here!
What Devin wore:
shirt by Helix found at Khol's
Levis slim leg jeans
sneakers by DC Shoes
Who do you keep text messaging Devin??

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