July 4, 2011

My Red Shoe Obsession!

My obsession led me to watch the classic 1948 British film "The Red Shoes." What a fabulous movie!
I have been wanting a pair of shiny red shoes for over a year now and do you believe I still haven't found any?! Maine is a gorgeous state but I must say the shopping is quite limited. I kind of lost focus on the red shoe hunt over time. But recently I was grazing through the latest Talbots catalog and my obsession took over again when I saw these!!
{see below}
The scarlet sling backs on the left are pretty but the platform pumps with a 4 1/3 inch heel on the right are the ones that really caught my eye. But, as beautiful as they may be, what is the point of purchasing a pair of heels that you can't walk in. Please refer to my post Learning to Walk in Heels

So I decided to try a couple of , I hate to say it, more practical styles that I found on Zappos. By the way Zappos is the bomb when it comes to customer service. Shipping is always free and returns are free too!
Here are the ones I am going to try. They both have a 2 1/2 inch heel. I would say that they are just as pretty as the Talbots platform pump. Maybe prettier, since I will be able to walk with grace in them.....;)
What do you think?

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