July 7, 2011

What NOT to Wear to Work When The Weather HEATS Up

When the weather heats up the clothes come off and it's easy to make some wardrobe mistakes when we are dressing for work (or undressing I should say;) This blog post is mostly for those ladies who work in an office setting. If you are lucky enough to work in fashion then it's okay to occasionally raise those hemlines on your shorts and skirts a bit as long as you still look put together. Remember fashion is about your over all look. NOT how much skin you can show. 

Now, getting back to the point of this post. See below for my six pet peeves for professional ladies:

1) NO CLEAVAGE is okay at the office. I say that about 2 inches below the collar bone is okay to be exposed. Any more skin exposed than that can make SOME PEOPLES imaginations run wild. And that is not okay at the office ;) 
Yeah, this girl looks cute. And she may even be smart. But I know what YOU'RE looking at ;)~

2) Bra straps are not okay to show at the office. It looks tacky. If there is a chance that you could take your cardigan or jacket off and you are wearing a sleeveless shirt or blouse, make sure your straps are not exposed, or else keep your outer layer on!
Lets hope that you already know that along with bra straps showing, a cami is also not acceptable at work. Tube tops and corsets are also a no no.

3) Flip flops or any shoe that makes that flippy sound at the office is not okay. That sound can be just plain annoying. And it could subconsciously make you and your coworkers feel like you want to be at the beach which would make you be less productive at work;) 

4) Some people think that casual days call for t shirts with logos on them that say things like "VS PINK" (VS=Victoria's Secret) or other sayings. Not okay. Casual days should still look fairly professional at the office. People often confuse the word "casual" with "looking like you just woke up." Don't hate me, but I am actually against casual days. They are pointless for office settings. If I am a client or a customer, I don't want professional guidance from someone who looks like they don't care about themselves. 
{Don't wear this to work.}

5) Shorty shorts are not okay for the office. Again, just a tacky and distracting look. However, I am absolutely fine with walking shorts when styled with a cute blouse and/or blazer. Proper shoes also must be worn with the walking shorts. A slight heel (about 2 inches max) is nice with this look. Too high can look like you are trying to be too sexy which again, is distracting.
As much as I ADORE this look, it is totally inappropriate for the office. Her top half is great but the shorts are just way too short.

6) Last but certainly not least, low rise pants that cause butt cleavage. Not acceptable. Now that is just a gross look. I don't care if you look like Kim Kardashian. It's still gross.

So there they are! My six pet peeves for office dressing which I tend to see waaay too often in summertime. Do you have any pet peeves that you see at the office? Please share!

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