August 30, 2011

DRESS Me up!

 These models might be straight faced, but they are totally in sync. They look so sassy and sophisticated in these dresses!!! This ad sucked me in as a consumer. The muted tones of the room they are in combined with the bright saturated colors they are wearing are very appealing. Also the styling is just fabulous. A little 70's vibe is going on here. LOVE IT!
This dress that fashion stylist Mary Alice Stephenson is wearing reminds me of the ad above. It is just so GLAMOROUS! And who knew that it actually comes from TALBOTS! This is a dress that is worthy of hanging in your closet. It should be your go to GLAM dress! Everybody needs one ;)

Dresses are HOT for fall and they are just so easy because they are just one thing that you need to put on your body! Get out there and find YOUR perfect dress! You will be glad you did. And give me a yell if you need a little help ;)

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