August 18, 2011

MEEEOOOWWW! The Cat Came Back!

Animal prints are one of the most misunderstood trends of all time. Some people LOVE them because of their provocativeness. Others feel that animal prints are waaaay too sexy for them to even think about, let alone actually wearing it on their body. Well, I am here to tell you that animal prints are just as sexy and chic as wearing black and as you probably know, black is a color that we feel very comfortable wearing. Sometimes maybe too comfortable. Some of us own waaaaay too much black. (and you know who you are ;) It is nothing to be ashamed of! But I am here to tell you that just because you wear an animal print doesn't mean you are a floozy, unless you wear it like a floozy! Wear it in small doses if you are skeptical. All you really need is an animal print accessory. An animal print belt, handbag or shoe will do. Trust me. A little goes a long way! If you opt for an animal print in an article of clothing such as a dress, skirt or blouse, then just make sure your overall look is soft and feminine. Wear your hair in a pretty pony tail and be sure to go light on the accessories. All you really need is a classic pearl earring with an animal print blouse and you are ready to go!  See below for some of my favorite animal print picks for fall 2011.
This skater dress from ASOS is such a cute and girly style. This is what I mean by wearing animal prints in a  feminine fashion. I would choose to wear black tights and a cute ballet flat with this dress because it is so short. I would wear my hair down in soft waves like the model did to keep the look soft. A fitted denim blazer would also look fabulous worn over this dress. Put on your Tiffany silver ball earrings and let your chic-ness flow!
I spotted these cool 50's vibe "Duane Demi" cheetah print sunglasses in my Lucky magazine. (get it. SPOTTED. ha ha ;) They apparently are available at select Walgreen's for only $10! At that price they are a must!

Feline Print Style Tip Alert!!!
I beg of you. Never wear more than one animal print piece at a time!

This cheetah print neck tie blouse from Talbots is a must! It is made of a sheer silk fabric and comes with a detachable cami underneath. This blouse looks so lady like under a blazer or cardigan.

This Mad Men collection silk "Betty" neck scarf from Banana Republic is just so simple. Yet, as you can see, a little cat print goes a long way! Oh, and by the way. If you haven't checked out Banana Republic's Mad Men collection, you should click here and do that right now. You can learn a lot about how to style yourself by viewing these inspirational looks. It appears to be so simple to achieve these looks!!! And it actually is. Simple that is.

Last, but certainly not the least of my favorite kitty print items, is this leopard print "Eryn" flat by Kate Spade. They are so soft. You might even catch yourself at your desk petting your foot ;)

I knew I was going to be merchandising the new September collection at work today, so I had to be cool and comfortable yet still stylish at the same time. I wore this Julie Haus blouse, Talbots signature fit straight leg jeans and Talbots brown suede ballet flats, but I still felt that my look needed some pep. So, I just added this animal print scarf from Talbots!

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