August 8, 2011

The Necessary Denim Shirt

{I love the clean look and the geometric lines in this denim blouse by Celine. She looks retro and modern at the same time! And notice that she is wearing denim with denim! There was a time that wearing denim with denim was a no no. Not anymore! You just have to know how to style it.}

The denim shirt can often be misunderstood. We usually think of wearing a denim shirt on our day off with chinos, which is also fine, but it has so much more potential! I believe that every lady should own at least one denim shirt. In fact I just added it to my list of "wardrobe essentials." It can be worn so many different ways. I have been known to wear my denim shirt with a sequin skirt! Here are four important features to look for in a denim shirt:
#1. fit (Is the shirt fitted without being tight? You want to create a nice flattering line for yourself. Some denim shirts can look great over sized when worn with leggings, but you still want a nice overall shape.) 
#2. color (Do you look better with a darker denim next to your face or a lighter denim?) 
#3. softness (Is the shirt comfortable enough to wear? You don't want a stiff denim.)
#4. pocket placement (If you are smaller on top, pocket placement usually isn't an issue. If you are a little more well endowed you will want to look for pockets that are made smaller, a little higher on the chest and closer together. A darker denim blouse with pockets that blend into the shirt is better for someone who is a little busty. I love the one pictured below from Talbots. It will flatter every body type!)

I love this denim look that Whitney Port is wearing. Notice the denim with denim again!

A cute look for this young lady, however this is not a look you should sport unless you plan on styling your hair, make up and don't forget your shades. Even though she looks like she just woke up and looks this way, you must realize that she looks this way on purpose. She styled herself to look like this. I call this effortless chic, and I love it!

How I styled my denim shirt:
I decided to style my denim shirt in a more feminine fashion. 

denim blouse by Newport News but found at Goodwill for $2.50 brand new with tags :)
Talbots pleated cotton skirt in chartreuse
Talbots brown weave peep toe pumps
Talbots tiger print hair calf belt
wooden earrings by Silpada

Below you will find a few more ways to help you style your denim shirt. Most importantly you should have fun experimenting!

denim blouse w/sequins

denim with denim

denim made feminine

denim with leggings

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