August 3, 2011

White here, White now!

I have always loved an all white look and summertime is the perfect time to show off your whites! It just looks so clean and pure. So, I am here to remind you to do something daring like this before time is up! I say daring because most ladies that I run into wouldn't dare wear white after labor day. Me on the other hand, I totally would. And I do. I just make sure that my whites are made of heavier fabrics like wool and heavy cotton when the temps cools down. 
What I wore:
white tiered blouse by New York & Company 
white Heritage fit jeans from Talbots
white leather belt from Talbots
Talbots navy blue weave peep toe pumps
pony tail holder made of sea shells by my son Devin when he was in the 1st grade
sailor knot bracelet by American Eagle
cubic zirconia earrings from Express

What do you think of this look? Would you DARE to wear all white?

Below you will see some photos that were my inspiration for this all white look!
{a white lion. I am a Leo you know.....;)

{The White Album}

{Kate Moss}

{My Daisy Patch}

{White tutu}

{Louis Vuitton fall 2010}

{cute little white dog}
{cute family dressed in white}
{white poplar trees}

{white rabbit}

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