September 3, 2011

The Classics Are Back..................

................and you may be suprised to realize that they never actually left! Just maybe a teeny bit forgotten.
Well it's about time that we got back to what is right here in America! With all the newness that comes with each era it is easy to forget about the potential that the classics hold for your look every day. Trends come and go, but there are really some great basic pieces that exist. And if you don't have 'em in your wardrobe then you literally won't be able to get dressed! And please don't think that I frown upon the latest trends. I am all about them!! Without a little newness, bordom would set in. We are only human! (It's unfortunate really. I have always wished I had a super power or two;) But, if we only purchase trendy items, especially trendy items that don't work for our bodies, then we will become very frustrated when getting dressed. I am so happy that fashion designers are celebrating the classics this fall. As they are the core of our wardrobes! They are what help us build great looks! 

Laura's List of  Must Have Classics

1) A pencil skirt in any color.
 If you have trouble wearing a pencil style because it is too straight, try one with a slight A-line. It will be just as classic as the pencil style.
Try this one from Talbots in scarlet. I did and I love!

2) A great pair of pants in any and all colors. Just make sure the fit is perfect for your body! This may require some research and/or a personal shopper. Pants can be tough to find. Ones that fit correctly that is. 

The pants on the left are by one of my favorite designers Michael Kors. Katherine Hepburn (right photo) was famous for wearing pants and making them look ultra elegant. 

"You're wearing pants?" ~Cary Grant
"They're trousers. Don't be vulgar." ~Katherine Hepburn
(from the film The Philadelphia Story)

3.) A three piece seasonless wool suit. Preferably in black. In my opinion Theory has the best and the most modern cuts in suiting.

I can't stress to you how much I truly believe that EVERY lady should own a black suit. It may seem a little boring, but I assure you that once you own a black suit you will wonder how you ever survived without it. You should own a blazer, skirt, and trousers all made out of the same fabric. Preferably a seasonless wool which can be worn all four seasons. You won't necessarily wear the skirt or pants with the matching blazer. Nine times out of ten you will wear them as separates. They will be able to mix and match with almost everything in your wardrobe. However there may be an occasion that you may need to wear them together as a suit such as to a job interview. 

4.) A poncho. 
Nothing screams glam like a cool poncho. Kristen Bell is working this look on the left! But a poncho can make you look glamorous even when you aren't trying. That's why I am saying you MUST own one. You will look totally effortlessly chic. And that is a good thing :) I love the camel poncho on the right by Jolt available at Nordstrom.

Little black dress by Chanel first seen in the May 1926 issue of Vogue magazine.
5.) A little black dress.
The little black dress is no joke. Please, if you don't have one, promise me you will do your best to find one. And when you are on the hunt for a little black dress, be picky. You must make sure that it makes you feel like a million dollars. It will be that one item in your closet that you can count on. You can make it look new and different depending on what accessories you choose to wear with it.

Okay, so you must have the idea by now. Classics are not for old farts. (Oops! Did I really just say that?!) Classic pieces are only understood by true fashionistas. I think you are on your way to being one......or maybe you already are one ;)

Feel free to copy down or print out my list of wardrobe essentials. You will be glad you did. Not only will it make you stay on track when you are shopping, but it will help you make the most out of your wardrobe.

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