September 18, 2011

Fresh Greens

The jewel tones that we are seeing this fall are simply gorgeous and they just so happen to be within my color palette. (just as you may find they are in yours.) I was inspired by my September issue of Harper's Bazaar to experiment with the greens. So decided to begin shopping. (my closet that is) And I found the jade-est of all the green tops that I own. This drape neck sleeveless sweater from Banana Republic seemed to fit the bill quite nicely. But how was I going to wear it in my own unique way?

I chose a gray blazer as the perfect neutral backdrop for the bright jade green top. Black pleated cropped pants and gray suede ankle boots made this look just a little bit funky. While the silk floral scarf gave me a little class. You will be seeing me wear more scarves now since I took them out of their hiding place in my closet and put them out in the open and colorized within their families. I just simply draped each color family over a velvet suit hanger and voila! I can see my scarves!

So anyway.....this is what I wore:

And this is how I wore it:
{without the jacket}

{with the jacket}

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