September 15, 2011

Laura's Style Obsession of the Moment ~ Lace Tops

After viewing the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012 runway show I have become a bit obsessed with lace. This top by Oscar de la Renta is absolutely gorgeous and I feel as though it will be in style for years to come. We will see lace in fashion trends come and go, but you know what I say. If you LOVE something and you know how to wear it in a way that makes you look and feel your very best, then it's always in style. Keep in mind, it's all about proportion. This seasons longer skirt styles look amazing with a top that is slightly cropped. They counterbalance each other. 

So, since I have been obsessing over lace tops I have also been researching. I found this gorgeous little number on Nordstrom's website! I believe it is a must! There are a ton of lacy tops out there. This one happens to be unavailable at the moment, but never fear! You will find one. That is if you are as determined as I am when you want something.

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