September 19, 2011

My Monday Morning Crème de la Crème

 It was a mellow Monday morning. I knew that I was just going to go into work, and check my e mail, jot down some notes and have a low key fairy tail of a day. The black day dress paired with my neutral wide weave leather belt, Burberry scarf, and nude patent platforms would perfectly inspire the diurnal course.......

(enter a tire screeeeech here)

That is UNTIL I actually checked e mail, learnt that we were indeed doing a crazy intense floor move yet AGAIN, and realized here I am wearing a dress and heels when I have to lift heavy fixtures, rearrange merchandise and turn my brain on high creative energy, all while remaining calm and cool like it's nothing. This meant I could react one of two ways. I could freak out and complain all day, or I could remain harmonious and just do the most my only human self could achieve. I designated the second choice. It's was all good. And I did it while I looked cool. So that was even better ;)
What I wore:
Talbots black cotton sateen day dress
Talbots wide natural weave leather belt
Sofft nude platform pumps
Burberry scarf

What I like about this look:
I felt like I was acting in an episode of Mary Tyler Moore.

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