September 16, 2011

My Perfect NUDE!

As we all know I have been obsessing over red lipstick for a while now. Well believe it or not, there are days that I am not quite feeling the red. So in this case what do I do? I lean completely towards the opposite direction and go neutral. While hunting for the perfect neutral I decided that I needed one that didn't completely pale out my lip. But I also didn't want anything too brown or mauve. You want to pick a neutral color that blends well with the pink of your lip to create your perfect shade. This requires spending a little time at the make up counter trying a few on. I tried about five neutral colors of various brands before I came up with this Pure Color lipstick by Estée Lauder in Sensuous Nude as my perfect shade. Not only did it work well with my lip color, it also feels great on. So instead of slathering on that gloss this fall, this will be my go to tube. I have always thought that applying lipstick looks so much more glamorous than applying lip gloss. You never know who's looking! 

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