September 13, 2011

small change = HUGE IMPACT

I am feeling a little bit under the weather today so I decided to stay home once and for all and REST! I had a great day of lounging and napping. Once noon hit I was getting a little antsy. I have been thinking about cutting my bangs for a few weeks now. And since I was alone with no one to interrupt, I decided that today was the day. Here are my new bangs!

This is me before.

Below you will find the video that inspired me to cut my bangs. I totally followed Ted's advice and voila! I have great bangs! Such a small change can create a HUGE IMPACT!

Next I am going to try some more layers like Emma Stone pictured on the September 2011 issue of People Style Watch. Then maybe some more highlights. Gradual is better then getting it done all at once when it comes to my hair. I think it's the safest way to go for most ladies. 

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