October 3, 2011

Bring A Little "Hollywood" into Your Closet

High waist style pants or "Hollywood" waist pants are one of those timeless pieces that you will want to have and hold onto for years to come. Just make sure the fit is flattering. What makes for a flattering fit you ask? Just make sure they are cut straight down from the hip instead of body hugging. You want a pant that just skims over your body to show your feminine figure. This does not mean tight, nor does is mean baggy. When trying on pants at the store, just take a step back and look in a three way mirror. Shut your eyes and count to three, and then open them again and take a look. This is a technique that I use very often. I feel that shutting your eyes helps take you away for a few seconds and then opening them lets you refocus. By doing this you may discover flaws that you wouldn't have discovered before. Pretend that you are just seeing yourself walking into a room for the first time. Are you saying "Wow, what an amazing look!" ? OR are you saying "Yikes! What is she wearing?!"

ASOS (don't you just love the color of these pants?!)

A pant with a high waist looks fabulous on a lady with a long torso, but that doesn't mean that someone with a short torso can't wear this look. Check out my "Hollywood" look below. I have a short torso but I didn't let that prevent me from wearing a high waist style pant! 
What I wore:
Talbots linen blouse in orchid
Talbots Hepburn pant
black patent leather belt Wilsons Leather
ballet flats by Prima (from DSW)
sterling silver filigree heart earrings TJ Maxx

I tried a little plum eyeliner on the outer corner of my lower lash line, just for something different :)

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