October 19, 2011

Current and Modern. That's me!

The cut: Vidal Sassoon "Tribe."  
The stylist: Charlene Boggins at It's All About You Day Spa
The model/guinea pig: Laura Michaud (fashion stylist/fashion blogger)

Yeah, so I grew my hair out. It was the longest it had been in years!! It grew into what I always wanted. Long locks that I could curl, straighten, braid, bun and twist. You name it, and I could now style it because it was finally long enough.
{this is me before}

The trouble was that I didn't. Style it that is. It's really hard to braid, twist and all of the above. It takes lots of time and effort and unfortunately unlike Rachel Zoe, I am a stylist who doesn't have my own personal live in stylist. And the most I really could do with my long hair was the basics of the basics. Real life seems to get in my way every time!!! (Darn that real life thing!) So recently I was just doing the cute pony tail thing and calling it good. (Fortunately the pony tail is super cool right now;) But today my six weeks were up. This is the amount of time I try to wait between cuts and colors in order to maintain hair health as well as a salubrious wallet. I was really getting tired of my heavy hair and tired of having no time to accomplish the artistic styles that I dreamed about creating now that it was long. Last August I was blessed enough to receive a gift certificate from a special friend to experience a real spa pedicure with Terrie Kennedy the owner of It's All About You Day Spa  and that is where I met the one and only Charlene Boggins hair stylist/Vidal Sassoon hair artist. 

It was almost like Charlene could read my mind!! I went into the salon so ready for a change. I wanted something modern. Let's put it this way. I got exactly what I wanted and much much more ;) 

View the video below for a little inspiration. Keep in mind that these looks in the video are way more dramatic than what you might want in real life.


 And this is me now.

In five weeks I am going back for a trim.......and some violet highlights. (Don't worry Mom. They will be very subtle violet highlights.) Charlene would never let me leave her salon looking like a freak.

Current and Modern.
That's me. 

{notice the violet highlights??}


Patty J said...

Love it Laura! But then again when don't you look great and perfect!

Alex said...

Patty you are too kind!! Thank you :) And thank you for your purchase at Laura's Style Boutique!! You will love the beautiful vintage doilies!