October 11, 2011

Holy Bat-Wing Sweater Batman!

{A vintage French design bat-wing sweater. The pattern is available right here!}

Bat-wing sweaters are all the rage! This one that I am wearing is from Talbots. It's such a soft merino wool and I am just loving this gorgeous neutral shade that they are calling chinchilla. This bat-wing style is great because I can wear it with just a cami under it on nice fall days OR I can layer a long sleeve turtleneck under it for extra warmth when it is cooler.
(My cords are from Talbots too. LOVE the vixen color. Sort of like a burn orange. A fabulous shade for fall.)
{earrings from Laura's Style Boutique}

Two very cool bat-wing styles from ASOS.

This bat-wing style shrug by Lanvin is to DIE for!! I LOVE the flower on the shoulder and the single sequin button. MARVELOUS! 

{available at AngieHearts}

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