October 25, 2011

LOK Is A Okay!!!

I was going to begin this blog post by saying that I never win anything. Well never say never is my new motto and I am sticking to it!!! Well-to-Do You is one of my favorite blogs. (and I am not just saying that because I won these ADORABLE little rosette shoe clips!) There are soooo many interesting blogs that interesting people just like you and me are writing these days. It's so difficult to keep up! Well-to-Do You is one blog that I try to read daily. These girls have so many great eco friendly tips that now I have no excuse to not be environmentally cautious! They have guest bloggers from time to time (such as myself) as well as many fabulous GIVEAWAYS! Who doesn't love a giveaway?? Anyyyyway, LOKdesigns teamed up with Well-to-Do You to get their word out that they are a couple of cool best friends who make some really pretty things! I am so happy to have won these rosette shoe clips. I plan on purchasing a few for gifts from LOKdesigns for my special girl friends this holiday season. Buying handcrafted items that are made in the USA is becoming more and more important to me these days. It feels so great to know that my money is going to someone who is hard working and well deserving. I have no doubt that the ladies behind LOKdesigns are enthusiastic, artistic and so very talented!

At first I thought I ordered some golf balls by accident!!! Actually it was a recycled box that the geniuses behind LOKdesigns decided to pack my rosette shoe clips in. Why purchase new boxes and create waste?! It's what's in the box that matters. When I opened the box I knew that these could not be golf balls wrapped in gold tissue paper. I don't even play golf! (not that I wouldn't like to try one of these days ;) They were my rosette shoe clips that I had won from Well-to-Do You and LOKdesigns!

This is what I found underneath all that pretty gold paper :)

This is how I wore my rosette shoe clips from LOKdesigns:

~polka dot blouse from Bebe (This blouse was actually made in the USA! You don't see that much anymore!)
~black pleather jacket from H&M
~Calvin Klein straight leg jeans
~patent leather Naturalizer pumps
~pearl drop earrings by "Made in Maine by Maria" (e-mail me for more info. about "Made in Maine by Maria" at laurasstyle@hotmail.com)
~sterling silver pearl ring by Silpada

And last but certainly not least
~rosette shoe clips by LOKdesigns


LOKdesigns said...

Fabulous! My husband loves when I ship these babies in his upcycled boxes too.... Makes him feel better about loosing so many balls on the course ;-)

WelltoDo said...

Yay!!! Congrats on your win, and thank you for loving us as much as we love you xo