October 22, 2011

MAXimize Your Look!

{MAXI skirt by Paper Crown}

The Maxi skirt is making a come back again this season and all I can say is thank goodness! Who knew that you didn't have to wear that micro mini to get the WOW factor when you walk into a room? (Well, I did. But unfortunately too many people feel that fashion and skimpiness go hand in hand.) Fashion sometimes can get skimpy but it is really about how you wear it that makes the difference in the overall look. Just because you are bare, doesn't mean you look good. But anyway............back to the MAXI.............
................this maxi skirt is STUNNING. It is actually leaving me breathless!

A MAXI skirt can be a little bohemian............that is if you want it to be. It's all in how you wear your hair and make up which are of course your most important accessories. 

{Stephan Pelger}
Simple elegance.

Talbots is doing the MAXI skirt again this year. You may remember my post last year Tiers of Joy.

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Joan said...

Love the red one!!what a great skirt for winter!