October 9, 2011

Would You Mix Tweeds With Florals?

I sure would........... And I did :)

The gorgeous weather we have been having in the state of Maine may have contributed to my recent pattern mixing. I know that fall is in the air, so it's time to take out the tweeds. But I'm also hesitating to put away the spring and summer floral patterns because of the warm sunny weather we have been having. As you know, in fashion some say that there are rules to follow. I say that there are some rules to go by, but some of these  rules should be broken. It is a fine line. To me looking your best is about how something works on YOU. It takes a lot of experimenting to achieve an amazing look, especially when you want to try something new and move out of your box. You may not even realize how fabulous something looks on you until you try, and even then you still may not realize! That's why people hire people like me! A fashion stylist may be someone you may want to have in your life. Just sayin'.......;)
Worthington jacket in an dark peach/cream tweed from GoodWill
Talbots floral skirt
Talbots necklace
Sofft peep toe nude patent pumps

Below you will find some gorgeous ladies wearing tweeds mixed with florals that I found to be quite inspiring:
The model on the left is actually wearing FLOW-ERS on her tweed. So pretty!
Ralph Lauren is known for mixing tweeds and florals. You'd mix the two in your living room. Why not do it on your body?!!

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Joan said...

i love your outfit!