November 5, 2011

Contrasting Colors Can Be Convivial!

Contrasting colors are everywhere!! We see them in nature every day and observe how gorgeous they are. So why do we hesitate to wear them so much?? Nine times out of ten we tend to wear a color and then anchor it with a neutral which is absolutely fine and most always works for us. But why not try something different?? Don't be afraid to stand out just a little. I love the contrasting colors of the Gucci Spring 2011 collection on the left. Color blocking is also on trend at the moment, but to me, when isn't color blocking cool?

And the flowers on the right are beautiful right? Why? Because even God knows that contrasting colors work so well together :)
Use contrasting make-up colors for a look that will make you feel ALIVE!!
(Create your own subtle take on this contrasting make-up look. Try a little coppery eye shadow with maybe some emerald green shadow liner for a cool wearable look. Go with a fuchsia lipstick to make the overall look POP!)

Here are just a few more runway looks using contrasting colors to get your juices flowing.

You might notice that we tend to use contrasting colors in our decor more than on our bodies. But when you think about it, how fun are these rooms to look at?! Why not make YOU fun to look at?! Yes, we all dress for ourselves in what we feel comfortable in. But don't forget, other people look at you more than you look at yourself, so why not make someone else feel happy and be inspired?!

What I wore:
Julie Haus silk ruffle blouse in fuchsia
Talbots blazer in an orange-y color called vixen
Talbots wool plaid skirt
boots by Dockers
tote bag by Tory Burch
jewelry by Silpada

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