November 8, 2011

Fashion Is For Models. STYLE Is For Real Women.

The fashion world has always favored skinny models to show off the latest trends. But it's the real women who actually buy them. Why does this make sense? Well I guess when it comes right down to the brutal truth, people buy things that look good. And lets face it, clothes look better when they are smaller. It's kind of like when I go into a store to try on shoes and the one on display that I am attracted to is a size 6 or 7 and then the sales clerk brings out my size (9 or 9/2) and I'm like "That's not the same shoe, is it? The one on display looks different!" The clerk tells me that it is in fact the same shoe. Suddenly, I don't want to try it on anymore. So, I just want to tell all you ladies out there who are not a size 4 in a dress that I get it. But we can't let it bother us. 

Fashion is everywhere and marketing is everywhere and the majority of it is big beautiful pictures of skinny people. Keep in mind, models in magazines have the best light, are posing on their best side, and have professional stylists and photographers who are great at what they do. I am going to ask you to do one thing. Ignore every girl in every ad that you see and just focus on the garment. Check out the lines, admire the fabric and look at the cut. Then go to the store and try it on. The trying on part is REALLLLYYYY where it's at. You cannot look at a garment on a rack or on a model in a magazine and know how it's going to look on your body. You have to try it. ALWAYS take 2 sizes into the dressing room. One a size up and one a size down and try the bigger size first. WHO CARES ABOUT THE NUMBER ON THE TAG. NO ONE IS GOING TO ASK YOU YOUR SIZE AND NO ONE BUT YOU IS GOING TO SEE THE TAG. Some ladies go as far as cutting the tag out and even sewing a new one in with a smaller number just to feel better about themselves. I stress to you NOT to do this. Be proud of who you are. We are all different. THANK GOD! I love that about people. We all are very interesting, smart, sexy, strong women and we should let everyone into our hearts. Pay compliments to other ladies when you like something they are wearing and how they look in it. Don't hold back. Holding back will ruin your beauty. Trust me ;)
 This is plus size model Robyn Lawley doing a layout called Belle Curve for Australian Vogue. She is stunning. I know. It's unbelievable that we call her a plus size. She might be a size 8 or 10??? But don't stress about what the world thinks. Just move on and observe how gorgeous she looks in her clothes!! 
These girls look fabulous in the ad campaign for Evans. I can't help but notice how their thighs look, ummmm, well, a bit heavier than what you normally would see in an ad campaign. Evans is a plus size store. Somehow I doubt these girls wear a plus size in clothing. Any-who, they look great :)
What a beautiful cover for Italian Vogue. They say they used plus sized models for this photo shoot too. I wish they would stop calling them plus sized when they aren't. They should just be called "curvy" or even "shapely" would work. And those ladies out there who indeed are a plus size, please, just dress for who you are now and don't cry over what you're not. You are beautiful and I want you to know that. And there are clothes out there that will flatter you. You just have to keep trying and never give up. If hiring a stylist is what you need to do in order to see just how gorgeous you can look in clothes, then by all means, hire one! However, I am hopeful that you will be able to see this on your own. There is more to life than being skinny mini. Be healthy in your mind, body and spirit and you will just naturally GLOW with fabulous style!

Please take the time to visit this fabulous fashionista's blog. It's called Girl with Curves and she is absolutely lovely.

When we get right down to it, we are all women who feel great when we look good. Dress for your body, try new things, live life, and be happy. And remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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