November 26, 2011

Great Style Doesn't Come From What You Buy. It Comes From How You Wear What You Buy.

Anyone can buy clothes. It doesn't matter where you buy them (although Paris Hilton may tell you different.) Clothes are plentiful! There are shopping malls and boutiques everywhere. There are second hand stores filled with everything people bought at those mall stores and boutiques last year or years ago. Everywhere you look there are clothes! 

I am here to tell you it's all in what you do with your clothes that gives you your own personal style. People say that I always look great. (Well that is not true. You should see me in my sweats right now;) But back to the subject. People really do say that! I honestly don't feel that I always look great. However, I do think that I have my own unique sense of style. I think that people often mistake the word great with unique when referring to my style. I admit that I get very bored with routine so I always try to mix things up a little. Life doesn't always give me the opportunity to mix things up. Having a family requires participating in a lot of routine activities and my job doesn't allow for a ton of personal creativity. I am sure you know what I mean. Not that I don't enjoy the routine of a glass of wine in the evening while I watch my favorite shows on Netflix. (Right now I am ashamed to say that it's been Gossip Girl. Those kids are BRATS but they sure do have great style;) 

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that my style is my escape from my routine. Being creative is how I "look great" every day. Anyone can do it! 
I downloaded this really cool app on my phone called Fashion Style. I can look up the latest collections from all my favorite designers!! This look to the left is from Nanette Lepore. I tried to recreate the look with items I already had in my wardrobe. There is just something about this unusual color combo that I love! Who would have thought that red and aqua could look so fabulous together?! 
What I wore:
~ poet blouse from Talbots
~ scarlet red pencil skirt from Talbots
~ shoes by Clarks
~ earrings by Sarah Skoniecki

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