November 8, 2011

It's Time For Laura's Style's Favorite Five Friday!

1. I found this Herkimer Diamond Ring by lumafina on Etsy. I LOVE the design. Very stong, yet delicate......Like me ;) 
 2. I just downloaded the coolest app on my android phone called FashionStyle. It allows you to view the latest collections as well as past collections from every designer in the directory!!! That is how I found this "Leiby" jumpsuit by Alice and Olivia. Can I just tell you that I am DYING over this!!! So elegant. This is what I call sexy. 

3. I don't know if it's the brand (Cupcake) or the actual wine itself but ever since my most inspirational pedicurist mentioned the brand to me, it's all I drink!! (well, besides coffee, tea, and water.) Don't you just love the label? Tonight I am trying this red velvet. Doesn't it sound delish?! Just like a cupcake :)

4. Wow, I love how Giselle wears this black turtleneck by ESPRIT. A black turtleneck is a must and who says that something that covers you isn't sexy? Just take a look at Giselle and tell me she doesn't rock this black turtleneck! Plus I just adore ESPRIT. Always have. Ever since I was 10.

5. Again I am DYING. This time it's over this vintage faux fur coat from Spool No.72. Faux fur rocks. And this one looks exactly like something I saw Farrah Fawcett wear on an episode of Charlie's Angels. Beautiful. 

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