November 1, 2011


These "River Island" palazzo pants are from ASOS and I think they will be the ones for me this spring!

 Okay, Spring is far faaaar away, but that doesn't mean we don't dream about it right??! It's only human nature to think ahead and wonder, what will be my must have item this spring?? Well, I can definitely tell you that a pair of palazzo pants are #1 on my list. They are all over the runways for spring and I just so happen to be a huge fan from waaay back! What are palazzo pants you ask? See below:

(as if you couldn't tell by the pictures)

 Ummm, can you say WOW?!! The paisley palazzo pants on the left are from TALBOTS and I am in love!! The ones on the right are by Nina Ricci. There is nothing more fresh than a pair of white flowing pants for spring!

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