November 8, 2011

Plaid, Animal Print, Tweed. Oh My!

Some would say that one can only wear two patterns at the same time and some would say that wearing one print is plenty. I was dared to wear three patterns at once and make it work. And I did it. So there.  
 Why does this work you ask??? Well In using three different patterns (tweed, plaid, animal print) I had to make sure each one had coordinating colors. My colors were orange, tan, brown, and black. Think about  how you would decorate a room. You have a few coordinating colors, but you might have patterned pillows and a textured couch. Take a look at this room pictured below for a great example of colors, patterns and textures that work:

What I wore:
~Worthington tweed jacket (What I love about this jacket is the gathered shoulders that make it more feminine)
~black tank from Gap
~plaid pants from Gap
~brown bow peep toe flats by Bettye Muller
~brown patterned stockings from Talbots
~animal print calf hair belt from Talbots
~vintage bracelet found at GoodWill
~brass and pearl spoon ring by Kellyssima
~ "Fernando" earrings created by moi available at Laura's Style Boutique

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really love how you make sense of your style (comparing the different patterns to that of a living room). I would never have thought of such a combination, but it works. Thank you!