November 26, 2011

Sequins During The Day?? What The Hay!!!

Raise your hand if you think sequins are only for night. If you were one of those who actually raised your hand, then you must take that hand and slap yourself already!! Yes sequins sparkle and shine under pretty lights at night but, how often do you actually go out?? If you are like me, it's not very often. I am a huge believer in NOT saving clothes for "something special." Every day is special and should be treated that way! So don't be afraid to shine during the day. Have fun and SHINE ON!

What I wore:
~ teal velveteen jacket from Casual Corner
~ black cami (under jacket) from Gap
~ black and gray animal print velvet/silk scarf from Talbots
~ black sequin skirt from Talbots
~ gray tights from Talbots (I chose gray over black for just a bit more contrast)
~ black leather bow pumps by 9.2.5

I love these chandelier earrings from Talbots!

 What I wore:
~ tuxedo jacket from New York & Company ( I actually purchased this at Polish which is a fabulous resale shop in Bangor, Maine.)
~ black tank with gold sequins from Talbots
~ cords in a color called vixen from Talbots
~ shooties by Gianni Bini
~ earrings made by Sarah Skoniecki 


mary ann said...

looks great, laura..just enough sparkle without looking new years eve clubbing...we live in bangor, maine, but we live...........shine on!

Anonymous said...

I really like the look with the red pants!

Alex said...

Thanks! The pants are actually a cool rust color that Talbots called "vixen." :)