December 13, 2011

And The 7 HOTTEST Nail Colors Of The Moment Are.......

These days I have been doing my own mani right in the comfort of my bathroom. Going to the salon for a mani just isn't in my budget these days. But when I do go to the salon it's a total luxury! The only problem I have is choosing a color when they literally have every color in the rainbow in front of me! That's why I am writing this blog post. To help narrow down your choices. Because if you are anything like me, more than seven choices makes me CRAZY! I will be doing this same blog post from time to time when the trends change to help you solve your nail color choice dilemmas. Hope this helps! 
essie polish in "bobbing for baubles"
#1~ Any polish in a navy blue. You could choose a matte or a metallic, but make sure it is a darker shade and leave the Robbins egg blues for another time.

CHANEL Vernis Nail Colour in "peridot"

#2~ Any olive-ish green shade. This color looks amazing on anyone with a warmer skin tone. If you have a cooler skin tone and you adore this shade, try one with a silver shimmer instead of a gold shimmer. 

Sonia Kashuk nail color in "mauving on up"

#3~ Any mauve-y shade. This color is always pretty and very nice when you just wanna play it safe. It also doesn't show the nicks as much as a darker color. This color looks fabulous on most skin tones but happens to look AMAZING on ladies with darker skin.

Rimmel London nail color in "steel grey"
(I happen to own this color and I love it ;)
#4~ Any TRUE GRAY color. Stay away from the beige-y grays from last season. 

Estee Lauder nail color in "shimmering bronze"
#5~ Any bronze-y/copper-y shade. Kind of like the color of an old penny with a little bit of shimmer.

MAC nail color in "vintage vamp"
#6~ Any deep shade of burgundy. This is a great alternative for the lady who usually chooses red. 

 #7~ All that glitters!!! Glitter polish is so pretty and gets much attention. And the best part is that is seems to stay put forever!! Well, maybe not forever. But you get the idea ;)

So, what did I choose today??? I painted my nails with Avon's nail color in Tweed which is a dark burgundy shade.
{see below}


Anonymous said...

I tried the new "shellac" and after a week my thumb nail and middle finger nails on my prominent right hand had already chipped so I think I would rather do it myself. I have always loved OPI, and their price is unbelievable! thank you for the reminder...Mary Louise

Anonymous said...

Laura, do you have a website? Would you post your website email on facebook? I hate streaming my comments on Facebook. Just wanted to let you know that I loved your posts, questions & comments on Talbots Facebook page 2nite with Mary Alice S. -- she is so right on! (12/15/2011)...I love your Audrey Hepburn look on fashion! Happy Holidays, Mary Louise

Alex said...

If you would like to send me a message you can always post it here on my blog or you can e mail me directly at Thank you for your comments Mary Louise!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura! Thank you for your email address. My daughter is graduating from UCSB in June and she has already been offered a few jobs with top 4 accounting firms. I really want to help her get started in the right direction with her wardrobe...basics and such. Could you do a blog on 2012 fashion for 'beginners' or 'new grads just entering the workforce'...? thank you.