December 6, 2011

A Little Scarf Can Have A HUGE Impact!

Sometimes when we think about putting a scarf on, we panic! Some of us actually try the scarf on and then give up because we think we don't know how to tie it. I am here to tell you that just a simple knot works! But if you want a few more ideas on how to wear your scarf, watch my video at the end of this post. Trust me, if you know how to tie your shoes, then you can tie a scarf.

I taped these cards up on my bathroom cabinet to help me remember to wear my scarves. These are very simple ties that anyone can do. (You may notice me referring to these in the video. And sorry about the nose twitching. My allergies are soooo bad lately! I was trying so hard not to sneeze!)

So if you want to wear a scarf, just keep in mind these three simple tips:

1~ Keep your overall look really simple such as just a plain pencil skirt and white blouse or a little black dress. Let your scarf make your statement.

2~ Cut out pictures of models wearing scarves from magazines and post them where you get ready for work to remind you to wear them.

3~ Don't hide your scarves in a drawer! Keep them where you can see them in your closet and make them easily accessible. I drape mine over hangers on the inside of my closet door. See photo below:

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Anonymous said...

Your scarves are beautiful and I just love the instructional video. Lovely...