December 4, 2011

Stay Neutral

A neutral shoe is a MUST for every lady's wardrobe. They can make your legs look miles longer than they really are! But what style and color is best for you? With all the many different styles out there in the world it can be tough to choose. I say that a lady should own at least three different styles in a nude shoe. The first one being a peep toe which looks totally fabulous for spring and summer. As for the color, they should for the most part, match your skin tone. Finding the perfect match may be somewhat impossible. Some ladies skin tones are darker and some are lighter. When choosing a nude shoe it is okay to go with one a shade darker or a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Luckily there are many shades in nude shoes out there in the world to choose from!
I chose this one by Sofft for my spring/summer nude shoe and I can't even tell you how many times I reached for them! They go with so many different looks. 

The next style in a nude shoe that every lady must own is a style with a practical heel and a closed toe. I adore this one in the above photo by Manolo Blahnik. The one below by Miu Miu is most adorable as well. The jeweled heel is such an unexpected surprise on such a practical little shoe!

Last but not least EVERY lady should own a pair of nude ballet flats. This one by Chloe is my favorite because it actually looks like a ballet slipper. (I am partial to anything that looks like a ballerina.) 
Just look at how pretty a nude ballet flat can look with just a simple sheath dress like Angelina Jolie is wearing in the above photo!

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