January 16, 2012

Geometry + Feminity = CHANEL 2012 SPRING COLLECTION

It was Dutch model Saskia de Brauw who opened the Chanel "Under The Sea" Spring 2012 fashion show in Paris at the Grand Palais. She says that she didn't know she was going to be opening the show until the morning of. It was her favorite moment of the season. And I can see why.....;)
Saskia de Brauw

 The photos above are a perfect example of how Karl Lagerfeld managed to incorporate geometry and femininity into his yet again amazing collection for Chanel Spring 2012. The typical tweed that Chanel is known for is anything but typical in every Chanel collection but this time Karl has outdone himself. Tweed, geometry, and feminine flounce all in one design? I can hardly stand it!!! (I mean that in the utter most good way;) Karl, you are brilliant!
{mixing patterns}
I love the black and white houndstooth jacket with the black, white and pink swirling patterns of this dress. I have to say that this one made me think. I typically think of houndstooth as a pattern that I take out in the fall and winter. Now I will be wearing mine right into the spring. I will just be pairing it with lighter fabrics and lighter colors. Thank you for the idea Karl ;)
And I am dying over the sleeves in these three dresses. Ohhhh the details!!!

These remind me of the paint splatter fabrics of the 80's, except they are much more feminine, sophisticated and wearable.

Here are the notes I took while watching the Chanel "Under The Sea" 2012 Fashion Show:
*geometric shapes and patterns
*feminine fabrics, bows, ruffles
*flouncy skirts
*iridescent fabrics
*mixing patterns
*80's paint splatters
*feminine sleeves <3
*even the audience seating looks amazing from above!
*Florence Welch of "Florence and the Machine" emerges inside a clam shell about 10 minutes into the show. Wait for it. AMAZING!

(What kind of notes are you taking? Please share and post your comments!)
*P.S. Please turn your speakers {and your bass} on and UP. The music is AWESOME! Florence Welch is PERFECTION!

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Nancy said...

WOW! There is so much "out there". Mesmerizing!! Thank you, Laura.