January 20, 2012

Laura's New Years Resolution: One Fashion Item & One beauty Item Per Month! {My Two Picks for January}

If you remember, back in December I made a New Years Resolution (watch the video HERE) to purchase only one new fashion item and one new beauty product each month and I decided that on the 20th of every month I would post my purchases. So, here it is as promised. My first and only fashion item purchased in January! 

I used to think it was pronounced "i-cat," however I have been corrected. It is actually pronounced "ee-kaht." Ikat is a method of printing on woven fabric. This is a pattern that we seem to see every spring and summer so I didn't hesitate to purchase it. Ikat is a classic pattern much like houndstooth, leopard print, and plaid. I especially love the rich jewel tones in this Ikat print pencil skirt from Talbots. Nice and bright. Just what I need at this time of year!

 And this is my beauty purchase for the month of January: Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in a shade called "pale yellow." As you can see it doesn't look yellow at all. It is actually a translucent powder, so you don't really see any color when you apply it. It just absorbs oil and makes your skin less shiny. Since it has a light yellow undertone it doesn't make my skin look pasty like other whiter shades of translucent powder. Bobbi Brown herself recommends it. Trust me. She knows what she is talking about. I LOVE this powder and I highly recommend it to anyone with a pale skin tone who wants to shine less and radiate more :)

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