January 26, 2012

She's Got The Look!

Welcome to my "She's Got The Look" series. We are all inspired by others as well as the view around us no matter how original we are. (some people hate to admit that. I call them pretenders. Another word for that would be snob.) Anyway, during my daily visit to Style.com (it's set as my home page ;) I found myself admiring the look above and thought about what I already had in my wardrobe that could sort of mimic this. I had a matching navy blue pinstripe vest and matching pants that I had purchased at Talbots about 6 years ago. I had a denim blouse by Newport News that I had found at Goodwill with the original tags intact for $2.50 last year, and I had my gold bracelets by Alex and Ani,  The only thing missing was the brown crossbody bag which I wouldn't carry around work with me all day anyway, and the matching jacket, but that's okay. I would have taken the jacket off. (as you can see she is about to do the same with her jacket since it is just resting on her shoulders in the photo above.) 
See my "look" below:

I added just a couple of different elements to this look to personalize it. Those elements were the feminine silk floral scarf (Talbots), the fedora also from Talbots, the dainty earrings (also another thrift shop find), the flower ring (Silpada), and the lovely girly black bow clips from LOK designs. (I was supposed to give these up as a Christmas gift, but I just couldn't bring myself to do so!!) 

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