January 11, 2012

A Stylist Who Has Her Own Stylist....huh???

I have always thought it to be a strange concept. A stylist who has her own stylist. A perfect example: Rachel Zoe
Rachel is a stylist with her own stylist. His name is Joey Maalouf and HE is responsible for maintaining Rachel's signature California girl style. Rachel may be an incredible fashion stylist but it takes a team to win. And she is a winner for sure! Love you Rachel!

I (Laura Michaud) am also a stylist with her very own stylist. I consider myself extremely lucky to have a hair stylist who knows what hairstyle goes best with my fashion style. My hair stylists' name is Charlene Boggins and she works from her private studio at It's All About You Day Spa. Charlene is responsible for maintaining my modern and very Vidal Sassoon hairstyle. (she is a certified Vidal Sassoon stylist) I'm finally getting used to the fact that I literally don't have to think when I go see her every five weeks. She always knows what looks best and she just changes it up a touch every time to keep it interesting. This time she did some highlighting in a red violet shade on one side just on the top layers and kept everything else my now signature deep brown color. I have to say that when she said the words violet highlights to me I wasn't scared as all. She had spoke to me about this before and felt that now was the perfect time to act. I totally trust her. She also opted for a shorter bang instead of my longer "just touching my eyelashes" fringe of before. Short bangs are so now. Thanks to Rooney Mara's role as Lisbeth Salander in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo." 
 Just look what a cute short fringe did for Rooney Mara! A completely different lady. (That's her in both photos in case you didn't realize.)

And this is me and my latest hair.
{see photos below}

Hair by Charlene Boggins
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Nancy said...

Love it, Laura! The shorter bangs really accentuate your beautiful eyes, and the highlights are so suttle. GORGEOUS!!