January 4, 2012

What To Put With What

Recently I posted on my Facebook page that I wanted to know what you want to know about fashion and styling. Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with topics because to me fashion is second nature. How could what I know about the subject possibly be helpful to others? This stuff is easy! But when I get questions like "What color tops and shoes can be worn with brown and gray skirts? What about tops to go with skirts in colors like blue, green or red?," that's when I begin to think wow, these women need my help! The truth is that it's all in how you wear it. I feel like right now is a fabulous time in fashion. You don't have to be too careful. Anything goes, as long as it is becoming on you. Be sure to experiment and try different color combinations in order to stay current. See below for an example:
red skirt 4 ways

As you can see I put the same red skirt with four different tops and four different pairs of shoes. So to answer the questions that I underlined above, there are no exact rules. It's all about feeling it out and personalizing your look with accessories, your best colors and hair and make up. See below for an example of the same neutral skirt worn four different ways:
gray skirt 4 ways

The neutral color skirt can go with just about any color top. Just remember it's the accessories that make it pop!

The lesson you should have learned from this blog post is never to ask what goes with something else. You want to change your mind frame into asking "What type of look can I create using this ________. Looking stylish isn't about wearing two pieces and walking out the door. It's more about the overall appearance that makes someone say, "WOW! You look fabulous!" and most of all will make you feel sooooooo great :)

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