January 30, 2012

Winterize Your "Summer" Dresses

If you are anything like me, you are getting a little antsy for spring to hurry up and get here! I was just staring into my closet the other day longing to wear these cute summer-ish dresses when I decided that old man winter is not gonna hold me back! Here is how I winterized my "summer" dresses:

This is one of my favorite floral dresses that I own from Talbots. It's called the "Gouache" floral dress. It looks so pretty in the summer when I have a little glow from the faux tan I get from a tube. But I thought, why not put on some tights, boots, a velvet blazer, and a nice wide belt to make it a little more wear now. And you know what? It worked! 

This is yet another dress from Talbots called the "Audrey." Again, this dress is completely sleeveless and lately the temps have not reached above freezing, but I knew there was something that could be done to allow me to sport it right now. So I threw on my black ballet neck cashmere sweater, my houndstooth jacket, and again a pair of tights and boots. Winter, you will not hold me back from being my fashionable self!!!

 This pretty floral dress is from Ann Taylor Loft and it was a must have about 3 or 4 springs ago when I saw their ad campaign in my Vogue magazine. I winterized this one with my black boyfriend cardigan, a nice wide black patent leather belt, and my tights and black boots have yet again made an appearance with this look.

I hope this article helps you realize that you don't ever need to save flowers and pretty dresses for spring. Where there is a will there is a way :)

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Joan said...

they look great! you definitely winterized them!