February 13, 2012

Closet Contributor: Jeni Lloyd

{Laura's Style Closet Contributor: February 2012}
Jenifer Lloyd
Occupation: Philanthropy Project Manager at Healthcare Charities and Sales Director for Mary Kay

LS = Laura's Style


LS} Describe your personal style.
J} Classic with a twist

LS} Who are your style icons?
J} Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Katherine Hepburn

LS} What are some of your favorite things that you wear a lot (almost daily) that you feel defines your personal style?
J} A smile because it makes me feel beautiful no matter what I'm wearing, statement jewelry; I love bold necklaces and rings, Mary Kay Day Solution SPF 35; melanoma is never sexy.

LS} Who are your favorite designers?
J} Carolina Herrera: The epitome of timeless elegance, Tory Burch for every day, Burberry London for great coats and bags sans the iconic plaid.

LS} What are three things from your wardrobe you could not live without?
J} Underwear: self explanatory, a soft pair of jeans, and animal print anything.

LS} What is the most unique item that you own?
J} A handmade sterling cross, purchased in Athens when I was 19 and backpacking through Europe.

LS} What is your most recent purchase?
J} Animal print laptop tote

LS} What item in your wardrobe was your biggest and best bargain?
J} A $500 leather bomber jacket that I purchased for $30.

LS} What are your three favorite beauty items right now?
J} Mary Kay Serum+C: vitamin C is is a fountain of youth for those of us "of a certain age", Mary Kay Time Wise Moisturizing Gel Mask-instant ahhh and Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Blow Out Mist- to tame winter static.

LS} What perfume(s) are you wearing?
J} Mary Kay- Thinking of You


Anonymous said...

really lovely and very creative photo shoot! good job! thanks.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS! So fabulous..

OverFiftyandFabulous said...

That was fun.

Becca said...

My momma is HOT! love this. If you ever want to profile the closet of a college student, you've got my number! :)

WelltoDo said...

So fabulous, Laura and Jeni! You two must have had so much fun. Great photos, L!!!