February 5, 2012

Why I ADORE Designer Cothes.

I don't know many people who would actually be able to spend over $500 on one garment or accessory. Any designer piece that I own was purchased either on ebay or at a second hand shop at a really great and reasonable price. But why do I prefer designer? While most ladies are happy with purchasing something that looks like a copy of a designer, I am never really happy until I possess the "real thing." I don't limit myself to designer only, but again, if it's not a label with a dreamy designer name on it, then I am never really satisfied with my purchase. Which is 90% of the time. Oh, and I totally don't support designer impostors. Designers work extremely hard and no one should try to replicate. I am talking about things like fake designer label handbags. If you can't have the real thing then don't fake it. Accept it and move onto something you can afford that isn't pretending to be a label that it's not.

 Many may think that my desire for designer labels is snobbish, but that's the furthest from the truth. I only appreciate the impeccable fabrics, details, and uniqueness. There is also something special about owning something made by someone who you have admired for many years. It's also the history of the designer that makes it special. I am a designer watcher. I watch out for new designers (which are up and coming all the time) as well as design houses that have been around for a while ie. Chanel, Dior and Ocsar de la Renta just to name a few. I also am a HUGE supporter of sites that carry handcrafted items such as Etsy. There are sooo many talented artists out there!

So, how do I feel about designers who design lower end fashions that are affordable for ordinary folks and are crazily mass produced, such as Jason Wu for Target (which debuts today btw) or Nanette Lepore for JCPenny? Well, I feel a little better about the brilliance behind the label, but it kind of takes the special-ness away because thousands of these pieces are being produced. Maybe even millions! And you know this item you are purchasing is also being purchased by many others. You know you are not getting the quality of an actual designer piece, but at least you are getting a little piece of that designer. One thing I would like to point out is that yes it is costing you a lot less at $30 or so instead of $300, but you could be purchasing an actual designer piece (I mean the real deal) from a thrift store for even less than that!

Which brings me to my next topic.
Goodwill hunting.

Here are 10 reasons why I'd rather shop at Goodwill than at a department store:

1) I'd rather spend $5.00 on a fabulous designer treasure or vintage piece than $100.00 on a few items made in a certain foreign country that probably cost less than $1.00 to produce.

2) Sometimes you can find items that were made in the USA!! That's a rarity nowadays.

3) The thrill of the hunt!

4) When you shop second hand you are actually taking part in the recycling cycle!

5) You find unique items that no one else is likely to already own. So you won't show up at an event with your twin.

6) Where else can you get a suit for $5.00 to wear to that job interview that you may only wear once?

7) There are no sales clerks lurking around trying to make a sale. 

8) You are helping out a great cause!

9) You will find a very unique prom dress there! And if you can't find exactly the right style {in a prom dress} but love the fabric of one, you can make it into something you do love! (Think Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink.) 

10) They have half price items every day. So instead of costing you a whole $5.00 it will only cost you $2.50!

Laura's Style would love to know if you have ever scored a designer piece at a second hand store. Leave a comment and please share!


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