March 11, 2012

How To Care For Your Designer Clothing

So, you just purchased your first designer piece. It broke the budget, but was it worth it?? To you, yes of course it was worth it. To someone who doesn't understand the art of fashion, it was probably the stupidest thing they have ever heard of. I am here to tell you that I get it. Fashion is much more than just something you wear. It is art. It is self expression. And how do you care for your "self expressions"? That my darling is a tough one. If you live in NYC then the answer is easy. You would just transport your masterpiece to Madame Paulette on Second Avenue and leave the rest up to the trusted professionals that work there.  

 But what if you live in say.....Maine, and you just so happen to love fashion and purchase one designer piece a year (if that)? What do you do when you need that item cleaned? You know you can't go without spilling a drop of wine on that Burberry trench dress forever. Unfortunately you will have to send your designer pieces to the dry cleaners eventually. This can be a costly expense if you have an item cleaned every time you wear it, which in my opinion is not necessary. Remember, the more you clean a garment the more it wears. It's best to air it out {in a cedar closet if possible.} I highly recommend purchasing a professional stain removal kit from Madame Paulette. It will allow you to remove stains in between cleanings and in the long run save you a lot of money. Watch the video below to see how it works. Click here for more info on how to order the kit.

You can also preserve your designer clothing by investing in padded hangers for shirts and jackets. When you purchase a designer piece it should be treated as a work of art with the intent of becoming an heirloom. I know from experience that it is worth sending your garment to a professional dry cleaner who specializes in cleaning couture and designer pieces. Not only do they pay special attention to fabrics but also to the buttons, belt buckles and any other hardware that makes your garment special and unique. There is nothing worse than getting your garment back from the dry cleaners to find that your buttons are ruined! This has happened to me despite the fact that I told them about how special the garment was. They didn't specialize in cleaning fine designer clothing, so I really couldn't blame them I guess. A dry cleaner that specializes in couture and designer garments, like Madame Paulette, understands the importance of your garments much better than your standard local cleaners. Remember, if you must own designer then you must understand the maintenance as well, otherwise do not purchase it! It would be a shame to ruin such a masterpiece!

P.S. Your garment doesn't have to be couture, or a high end designer name in order to use Madame Paulette's services and or stain removal kit. It just has to be special to YOU.

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