March 23, 2012

Laura's Style Closet Contributor March 2012: Marion Syversen

{Laura's Style Closet Contributor: March 2012}
Marion Syversen
Occupation: Financial Adviser, Business Owner, and author of REAL DEAL 

 LS = Laura's Style


LS} Describe your personal style.
M}  I guess I'm not the best judge as I think that I am a mix and match girl.

LS} Who are your style icons?
M} My friends are some very stylish women. Kathryn, Suz, Gina, you, Cindy. I've got some very beautiful, amazingly pulled-together women who I love to bits and who you will usually catch me rubbing on. 

LS} What are some of your favorite things that you wear a lot (almost daily) that you feel defines your personal style?
M} I love patterns, and patterns with other patterns. I love color. I love wearing jackets all styles of them. (I'm almost always cold, so they come in handy.) I love scarves and various textures. And I like taking clothes and pairing things that don't seem to match. Like wearing my motorcycle boots with a fancier skirt and a jacket or thick sweater. I like to have tension in the items, kind of a juxtaposition. I sound insane but I can't think how to explain it!

LS} Who are your favorite designers?
M} I love Ralph Lauren. I like comfy looking classic design that I can really wear. I never loved the pushing-the-envelope styles since I can't figure out how to really wear them every day. My imagination is pretty limited. 

LS} What are three things from your wardrobe you could not live without?
M} I think I have four right now: Three of them are boots. Knee-high black motorcycle type boots, Brown knee-highs and a sexy pair of black booties, yeah baby! My other fave is my black patent Dooney bag. I do love shiny.  

LS} What is the most unique item that you own?
M} I have a pearl and precious stone bracelet that one of my sisters had made for the three of us. It is very special to me. 

LS} What is your most recent purchase?
M} Most recent purchases are three jackets from a cute resale shop called Polish. Raspberry corduroy, denim and a black linen 3/4 sleeve with a little hood.

LS} What item in your wardrobe was your biggest and best bargain?
M} I'd have to say the black motorcycle boots. they were the last pair at an end-of-winter sale and they were $15. And they were NEW! haha!

LS} What are your three favorite beauty items right now?
M} I have a Clarisonic Mia, love that little pink gadget for washing my face. Vanicream skin cream, which is really thick and luscious on your dry skin, and Jerkins natural glow.

LS} What perfume(s) are you wearing?
M} Romance by Ralph Lauren, and Estee lauder's Pleasures. I keep fragrances forever. I don't experiment much. I'm kind of boring like that! 


{Necklace made from a friends chandelier}


Suz said...

Love love love!

Kathryn said...

Gorgeous! I love the one of you in the pantry! xxoo