March 18, 2012

Patty and THE Purse!

 Once upon a time Patty came strolling through the door carrying this bold and beauteous Botkier bag. Immediately Laura noticed the bag and almost passed out before it's beauty. Patty explained to Laura that she was undecided whether or not to keep the bag. Laura said "You'd be crazy to not keep that bag! It's quite possibly the most beautiful bag I have ever seen!" Patty listened but still was in question.
{This is my friend and colleague, Patty}

As the day went by Laura would glance at this bag sitting quietly in the corner of the break room. As quiet as it was it spoke in VOLUMES with it's vibrant colors. She kept telling Patty that she must keep this bag! And you know what? She did! For it would be a shame to see this Botkier baby sent back!

{This is the Botkier Eden Satchel. It's available right here.}
Isn't it gorgeous with all of it's details?? And the colors of this bag are so on trend right now, yet I do believe that this bag is not trendy. It will be a bag Patty will enjoy carrying for years!

Laura just put up a little fight. She had been staring at this bag for weeks as Patty pranced in to work carrying it so perfectly by her side. One day Laura just snapped!!
Don't worry, it didn't take long for Laura to give up. She really is not that crazy. Most of the time.......

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