March 24, 2012

Vodka on the Rocks With a twist…

An enlightening article by: Consuela Richard founder and CEO of 

Vodka is the beverage of choice across American lounges, clubs, and bars. In recent years high-end vodkas, like Belvedere, Absolut, and  Ketel One have seen their sales skyrocket. Vodka still remains a key ingredient in many popular mixed drinks case in point the bloody mary, Moscow mule, screwdriver, and my personal favorite the Cherry bomb. Few vodka drinkers, however, fail to grasp the full potential of this of this alcoholic beverage and are unaware of the many uses of vodka in day to day life. Lets take a closer look at this liquor and what it can do…

For the Beauty Buff: 
 Who said you can’t use vodka as an astringent this potent facial cleanser helps tighten the pores and remove dirt. Simply apply a dab of vodka to a cotton ball and wipe away makeup, dirt, and oils.  For long lush locs add a table spoon to your favorite 12 ounce bottle of shampoo. The hair cocktail not only remove dirt, oily build up and toxins, but it also stimulates healthy hair growth. 

Momma Needs a Tall Glass:
Moms ever wonder how to clean those streaky windows and mirrors? For that perfect shine, spray the miracle liquor on windows, glasses, and mirrors and wipe away with newspaper (yes newspaper it leaves no particles behind).  Let yourself enjoy a streak free shine! 

Keep Them in Blooming:
Ladies want to keep those flowers from your special guy fresh. Add a tablespoon vodka, with teaspoon of sugar, dilute with water this mix will keep your flowering fresher longer. Change this flower cocktail daily to ensure that long lasting effect. 

Now these are simply a few uses for this miracle liquor lets raise our glasses and share a toast ladies to our stress reliever, all purpose cleaner, the beauty secret, and re-fresher Vodka (vod-kuh).


Consuela Richard

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