April 12, 2012

Beatnik Baby.....Faaar Ouuuut!

I planned on blogging about how super cool a la French girl chic my new jumpsuit by Bishou Bishou was, when I happened to do a little research and learned that it is actually illegal for women to wear pants in Paris! Turns out that the image I had in my head of me wearing this adorable little jumpsuit while wondering the streets of Gay Paree was totally off course. I can just picture me doing something stupid like that. Not that I am a stupid person. I consider myself pretty smart actually. I just don't travel much so I can't say that I am other worldly at all. Although I aim to be! It's just that this real life that I live where I have to go to work, bring up my son, and get seven hours of sleep to be any good the next day, kind of holds me back from getting out of dodge. Not to mention the fact that traveling costs money and that is not something that is exactly falling from the sky for me at the moment

Turns out that the image I had in my head was actually more 1960's American girl beatnik artist. Think Audrey Hepburn dancing for Fred Astaire in Funny Face.

Or maybe I was thinking more Bonnie and Clyde.
{Faye Dunaway as Bonnie}

{Jean Harlow as Bonnie}

{Bridget Bardow as her fabulous self}
And below you will see me acting out my own beatnik/ Bonnie and Clyde/fabulous self routine.

 I have to just mention that this black beret is not just an ordinary black beret. It is very special to me. It was given to me by a customer who used to shop at the boutique I work at about eight or nine years ago. She used to come in with her little boy Gus and I used to thoroughly enjoy assisting her. Her name is Renee. One day Renee came in wearing this black beret and she just looked fabulous! She had dark chin length hair and this beret looked perfect on her. I complimented her. The next time she came in she brought the black beret, but she was not wearing it. She was holding it and handing it to me. She wanted me to have it. I have not seen or heard from Renee for many years. I have to think that life happened to her. Maybe she moved. Not sure. I only hope she knows that I will never forget her, her kindness, Gus and the adorable black beret she gave me.

This is how I really wore the jumpsuit. Don't worry. I didn't act like a character with a black beret all day.
~black jumpsuit by Bisou Bisou
~Talbots red belt
~Tiffany & Co. silver ball bracelet
~Derng chain bracelet
~Talbots black lucite bracelet
~Silpada ring
~earrings from Abacus
~bow peep toe pumps by LifeStride

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